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Lying is good, and at you can
rewarded for it!

BigFib #768 - Juicyness Quotient: 17 <<Last Fib   Next Fib>> 

"There was this one guy who I really, really loved, but he fell for a perfect woman who I hated ever since I met, Alyssa. So, I got them together, to get them to trust me. Whenever they have a fight the guy would consult me, and I'd encourage him to stay with her. When they're finally hooked into believing I was an angel sent down to them, I introduced this one hot guy to little miss perfect in a loud pub and they kissed and did some indecent things on the dance floor. I called the guy and made him see them hooking up at one of the pub's private karaoke rooms. He broke up with Alyssa soon and of course I comforted him, soon becoming his girlfriend. After a year I told him the truth. Guess what? He said I was the one he really loved from the start, and that's why he got Alyssa, to get closer without me knowing. It's been six years and we're still together. It's like a soap opera, right?"

  By: erin on December 28, 2008 - Views: 4173 - Rating:

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