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Lying is good, and at you can
rewarded for it!

BigFib #359 - Juicyness Quotient: 6 <<Last Fib   Next Fib>> 

"One night, my friend and I stole beer from my dad and snuck out. We hung out at a park, trying to stay mostly hidden. We thought we heard a car driving around in the parking lot so we decided to walk back home. We didn't notice that the car in the parking lot was following us, and halfway to my house we heard it coming straight towards us. We hid in some trees. The car turned around. We didn't wait for it to stop in front of us. We ran out into the street, towards my house. The car almost ran us over as we ducked into some more trees. The car turned around again, and this time parked in front of the trees we were hiding in. My friend and I hopped a fence by the trees and ran through someone's backyard, into my backyard and straight into my window. I could hear voices yelling after us, as we slammed the window shut. My parents rushed into my room, and we told them that someone was running around in our backyard. My parents believed us."

  By: Alexandra on August 15, 2007 - Views: 3412 - Rating:

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